2017 Land Rover Discovery Sprot, News

Company Land Rover is world famous for producing high quality cars. Now she adds in its class another new model. It will be called the 2017 Land Rover Discovery and like its predecessors, is expected to be very popular in its class. On the new model are expected to be more innovation and improvements, so presumably it would look to with the current fashion trends.

2017 Land Rover Discovery front

2017 Land Rover Discovery: Exterior and Interior

On the new model, we can notice the latest word of technology in the automotive industry. There will also be further its exterior redesign. Additional innovations in the model should represent refreshment prestige and success in the long run. Engineers have paid great attention to comfort. Bearing in mind that this is a family car, the cabin now has more room for more comfortable and enjoyable driving experience. The safety factor is also improved. By this factor to the company and recognized in the world.

When we have mentioned, will follow changes to the exterior. This model will be slightly longer than its predecessors. This innovation is likely to stem from the need for additional space and comfort. The redesigned look of the car will do it more powerful and more aggressive. The line design is more aerodynamic, making it the easier to handle. Also, due to add aerodynamics, the car will have less air resistance while driving. This will further improve performance and increase the overall speed of 2017 Land Rover Discovery.

2017 Land Rover Discovery interior

With such a redesigned exterior and interior, the new model will make it easier to market to show its uniqueness. The car was done with the aerodynamics and better roofline. So far the vehicle has more room for the head and legs, which further improves the comfort segment. The control panel is expected touchscreen. Its size would be about 8 inches and he would show all the vital functions of the vehicle. In addition to these innovations, the car would have done better audio system with speakers that provide high quality sound. Passengers will be able to connect to the vehicle, which is why they installed systems for connection. The car has improved navigation and seats are coated with leather upholstery.

When talking about the exterior of the new model, we must note that it is partly a boost from another model. He was taken from the Range Rover Evoque. Parts of the car is made of materials with low birth weight. These are mainly aluminum and carbon fiber. Therefore, we have that the grid made by the carbon fiber. Front and rear headlights get LED technology. It gives them a better lighting and greater power saving. Wheels on it have alloy wheels, steering wheel has been upgraded and is now easier to shake hands with him, while above the passenger is moon roof for better visibility of the vehicle.

2017 Land Rover Discovery: Specs of Engine

As in past years, customers now expect a quality car with a good engine. That is exactly what they will offer and engineers in the new model. The designers agreed that in the new 2017 Land Rover Discovery put 2.0 liter turbo charged inline 4 cylinder engine. The engine is from Ford, which it is produced exclusively for this car model. As for the energy that this engine can generate, it would amount to 240 horsepower. Torque in that case amounted to 251 lb-ft.

2017 Land Rover Discovery rear

Although a certain number of experts do not agree with this assessment.They believe that Ford’s engine can not be competitive with the concept of using Audi and BMW. Their turbo 4 cylinder concept considered better, so that Ford was appropriate only in certain normal conditions, due to a lack of responsibility. 2017 Land Rover Discovery will later get its engine promoted, but it comes in the following variants of this model. For a family car, the new model will have a pretty impressive acceleration.

2017 Land Rover Discovery: Date of Release and Price

As for the prices of the new models, it is still not known. Company’s leader’s nothing officially announced. There is speculation that the price could range between 38 920 and 45 000 dollars.

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