2017 Lincoln Aviator Changes

American company for the production of vehicles, Ford, is one of the top world class. All those years they do not stop to constant meet their fans around the world with new and better models. Clients are satisfied with good taste designers, as well as the necessary comfort and elegance. 2017 Lincoln Aviator sport utility vehicle is the new American company, which is best suited for people who like long journeys. It will abound with comfort and sporty exterior lines.

2017 Lincoln Aviator front

2017 Lincoln Aviator: Exterior and Interior

Looking at the exterior of a new vehicle, notice that the front of the chrome trim. They will extend through the roof of the vehicle up to the rear. Chrome strip will be found on the side of the vehicle as well. The new model will have lined elongated mask. The lights at the rear will extend across the full width of the car. The interior of the car will be increased. Passengers will have more room for greater enjoyment. Volume of cargo part  will also be increased.

2017 Lincoln Aviator interior

In 2017 Lincoln Aviator will be able to comfortably accommodate 4 passengers. At the center will be located two longitudinal bulkheads. Front seats will have on its reverse side the hinged trays. There is speculation that it might have even DVD screens on its reverse side. The audio system is upgraded, so that the sound of the car to be of excellent quality. The interior is made of quality materials. These include wood, leather, aluminum. The SUV floor will be made of high quality wood. Regardless of the external weather conditions, the vehicle will have a pleasant climate due to climate cooling system.

2017 Lincoln Aviator: Fuel Economy and Engine

The new Ford model will have three options for mounting the engine. Two versions will be the base for the classical model, while the third will be for individual Aviator models. These include sports models and models for travel on off-road terrain. The first option would use the 2.3 liter turbocharged EcoBoost engine 1-4. The engine would have been more powerful engine and would generate 360 horsepower. For enhanced performance and efficiency on the road, is designed 3.5 liter V8 engine. For Aviator models there is an optional engine, it would be 3.5 Ti-VCT. On the highway, the car would have mileag of 28 mpg, while in the city it will be 22 mpg.

2017 Lincoln Aviator rear

2017 Lincoln Aviator: Date of Release and Price

The Ford Company has not taken any official statements about when will this car on the market. However, expectations are that it could be late 2016 or early 2017. His arrival in showrooms, would mean that they start to compete with other models. Those models that could compete with him are Lexus LX, Nissan Patrol, Ford Mustang and Infiniti QX80. Taking components that are found in this vehicle and features that it provides, it is expected that the price is 30 000 dollars to 35 250 dollars. Lovers of good cars will surely eagerly waiting for the release of 2017 Lincoln Aviator SUV on the market.

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