2017 Mercedes M-Class Redesign

The very word Mercedes, among all car enthusiasts signifies the pinnacle of design. It is a company that has managed to last for years at the top. When production experience family car, the designers have done them elegant, powerful and very comfortable. It is a company that can afford producing more family cars during the year. This procedure, designed the M-Class. Now, she expects a novelty in its ranks. The highlight will be the 2017 Mercedes M-Class. This will be the vehicle that will be categorized as luxuriously, and also as a family.

2017 Mercedes M-Class front

It is widely known M-Class, as a class of highly reliable family car. They are characterized by certainty, as well as various entertainment and futuristic elements. It is a class with a great reputation, whose novelties in new models astounding even the most demanding customers. Customers expect comfort, a degree of style and elegance. This is exactly what you get in these models. With its innovations in design and performance, this model will delight the fans. Built-in various new elements and additional functions. We are sure that this car have a lead on the world market and to attract a large base of new customers.

2017 Mecedes M-Class: Specs of Engine

When choosing a family car, performance is not what is most important to us. First we look at comfort, elegance, a line of cars … Although we must admit that few of us do not like it when the car has strong engine and good drive. It is in that sequence 2017 Mercedes M-Class outshines its competitors. The new model will have a 3.0-liter twin turbo V6 cylinder engine. Featuring engine will generate 333 horsepower, while torque will be 354 lbs.

2017 Mercedes M-Class interior

On it will be paired 9G Tronic transimssion modules, the latest of his generation. Previous models have used 7G Tronic 7 speed auto transmission. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions and higher fuel efficiency, will be installed Blue TEC engine. Previous models have used the 4 cylinder engine.

2017 Mercedes M-Class: Exterior and Interior

As for the interior and exterior of the new 2017 Mercedes M-Class, there wasn’t a lot of information. Trays are claims to have some innovation, but the company’s Mercedes did not want anything officially to the statement. What we have learned, it is that the interior will be decorated with high-quality and luxurious materials. Speculations are that the changes to the exterior include improved front bumper and a redesigned grille. Modifications to the headlights and the rear lights are also possible, of course, with the use of LED technology.

2017 Mercedes M-Class side

The interior of the vehicle will have the improvement of electronic systems. We consider the installation of a new system interface in the form of COMAND Online system. These are only speculation for now. Although we do not have accurate information, we carry the thought that in this car will be installed many useful functions. As for safety, we know that the new model have upgraded security system. In it include child support and dual ABS.

2017 Mercedes M-Class: Date of Release and Price

The price of the new 2017 Mercedes M-Class is completely unknown. Sources report that even in the company has not agreed about it. Release date should be at the beginning of 2017. We are sure that the new model will attract a lot of public attention, no matter what his price is.

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