2017 Renault Kadjar Price, Specs

Cooperation between Nissan and Renault has produced a compact SUV under the name Renault Kadjar. Cooperation was explained by reducing costs of production and easier attacks on competitors in the European market in the field of SUVs. Priority 2017 Renault Kadjar not its design. Corporations are focused on the quality of the vehicles, which should easily exceed all terrain.

2017 Renault Kadjar front

2017 Renault Kadjar: Design of Exterior and Interior

The dimensions of the new vehicle are universal, as well as in other SUVs, so there will not fall behind the competition. Length of this crossover will be 4,450 mm (175 inches), the height shall be at 1600 mm (63 inches), while the width 2017 Renault Kadjar vehicles amount to 1840 mm (72.5 inches). Cooperation with the company Nissan brings certain benefits, and one of them is this, which will be built CMF phase. It offers the possibility of vehicle that can run on all four wheels.

The front part of the car will feature new and sophisticated headlights, using LED technology. The newly-created grid will hold a large logo of the company. The front fenders with powerful features, supplemented by a new bumper, which has a unique design and provides 2017 Renault Kadjar SUV a powerful look.

The construction of shells of vehicles is further stylized, but will still be recognizable. A version of this SUV with full equipment, in its composition will have: dual-zone climate control, a digital dashboard, calfskin trims, a glass rooftop measuring 1.4 square meters (55 square inches), electric front seats, sight and sound complex Renault R link with a 7-inch (177.8 mm) touch screen electric stopping brake, emergency brake assistant colleague administering off-ramp. Framework will monitor the physical condition in which the driver as well as the movements of the driver, which will be reflected back to the framework.

2017 Renault Kadjar interior

The new version of the well-equipped SUV will have front-wheel drive, suspension of the axles and front independent MacPherson struts with hanging. Fully independent suspension will have wheel-drive version. 2017 Renault Kadjar, will have all-wheel plate breaks, as well as full control of electricity. As far as the engine of innovation for the European market, there is an adjustable sector. It can be set to one of four engines. It is equipped with two petrol and diesel engines, which are still equipped for couples combined with a six-speed gearbox or a CVT Xtronic.

Since the positions of internal controls deployed so that the interior give a stunning look and the very architecture of the cabin, the French SUV is positioned in the rankings as one of the forward and the more expensive options in the world of SUVs. The company Renault, arriving guarantee that this model abound big dose of extravagance, range of stylish decorated elements in the interior of vehicles, essential significance rundown of options, and it will have a rich essential gear.

2017 Renault Kadjar: Performance and Engine

Since the primary export sector is Europe, it means that the manufacturer no longer rely on diesel than on petrol engines. So the diesel line contains 1.5 L lnline-4, which will produce 110 horsepower. CO2 emissions will exceed 99g / km, while the fuel consumption of around 75 mpg. Another option in the diesel line is 1.6 L lnline-4, which will produce 130 horsepower. Fuel consumption with him would amount to 64 mpg, while CO2 emissions were 115g / km. Petrol line has bid only Tubro 1.2 L lnline-4, which would generate 115 horsepower and 140 lb-ft of torque. The buyer would have to choose between two options, namely six manual transmission or a CVT automatic and FWD or AWD. This version of the 2017 Renault Kadjer car is considered quite adequate on the off-chance.

2017 Renault Kadjar rear

2017 Renault Kadjar: Date of Release and Price

Expectations are that Kadjar be placed on the market in late 2016. As for the fair, it will not begin for the British market from 24 000 dollars and up.

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