2017 Nissan Armada Changes

All who love SUVs, pleased by the news that the company Nissan plans to its broad range of SUVs in 2017 added a new member. It will be a 2017 Nissan Armada, which will be completely redesigned and will have new security features. At the fair in Geneva was already discovered work on production of the new model, which already 3 years have 2000 thousands of people. The new model will have certain similarities with his counterpart from the previous year, the Nissan Titan. They will have upgraded the design as well as more powerful appearance. The plan of Nissan that this model is placed on the entire world market and therefore to it incorporating the best available technology.

2017 Nissan Armada front

2017 Nissan Armada: Redesign Exterior and Interior

The new car will have a typical structure, which is forcing companies Nissan, but will be a stylish design. Trunk of the new model will be increased and spacious. At the rear of the car will have lights, which will use LED technology, and the direction indicators to be integrated. For assistance when parking the car, on the upper spoilers are installed front and rear cameras. His door is automated and electronically controlled, so that they can be opened and closed at the touch of a button. For improved ride and better mastering of the field, the 2017 Nissan Armada were built wheels 18 or 20 inches (45.72 cm or 50.8 cm).

2017 Nissan Armada interior

As for the comfort of the car, it is represented in this model. Armada has a capacity to accommodate 8 passengers. Its product range includes head control seats for older people to be able to enjoy maximum when traveling. In order to reduce the overall weight of the car used in the construction of aluminum frame or shell. In this model is not installed GPS system because it will contain Radio Data System, which will have the task to receive information related to navigation, various other things like wawe radio signals. The connection will be easy, so that with the car can easily be paired every smartphone in order to share certain data, such as music, videos and other things with integrated memory of SUV.

2017 Nissan Armada: Fuel Economy and Engine

For the new Nissan customers will be able to choose a variant of the engine between the V8 and V6. Capacity V6 engine will be 5.6 liters and it will generate power of 220 horsepower. Maximum torque V6 engines will amount to 335 lb-ft. Another option V8 engine will generate power of 385 horsepower, while torque here amount to 350 lb-ft. These engines will be mated seven-speed automatic or manual transmission system with five tool gearbox. 2017 Nissan Armada will give mileage of about 36 on highways and about 25 in the city. The fact of the strong performance of the new model, it says that the acceletration to 60 mph to be achieved in 4.9 seconds.

Special Features:

All of the above performance of 2017 Nissan Armada stuff  create of him pretty strong competitor for the 2016 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring, Jaguar F-Type Coupe, even for one of the owls species Nissan Juke.

New Nissan model passed all EPA tests for control of pollution, which is why it ranks among the best SUVs, while taking and the fact that it embodies the change Drivetrain Technology.

2017 Nissan Armada: Date of Release and Price

The price of new Nissan vehicles will be at a distance of 26 000 dollars to 32 000 dollars. Regarding the date of placing on the market, he should be at the end of 2017.

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