2017 Alfa Romeo SUV: Redesign

The Alfa Romeo to the US market will launch its new model 2017 Alfa Romeo SUV. A few months ago came out Alfa Romeo 4C. With its placement in auto showrooms, the company has earned a great success. The same is expected with the new model. Some are hoping for even better success than 4C. The main competitors in the market will be the BMW 3 series and Mercedes Benz C.

2017 Alfa Romeo SUV front

2017 Alfa Romeo SUV: Interior and Exterior

Taking into account these competitors, the new model will have a strong performance. Promoted interior design with luxury and fuel economy, will certainly not fail. Until now we did not know the name of this SUV. We learned that it will be Giulia. The new model will have RWD and acquires the European market during the coming years. Model of 2016 had a major innovation in the design, so the new model will not deviate too much from that. To build shells of cars will be used aluminum ang chromium. These are materials with low birth weight. This will enable greater fuel economy for the 2017 Alfa Romeo SUV. Hood and roof of the car will be made of carbon fiber. At the rear, will be located all muffler on each side. The last part will have a slimmer and sleek look. The rear lights will be round in shape and will have LED technology. The grille will be triangular and inverted. On it will be in the company logo. The vehicle will be built on alloyed rim wheels of 17 inches. It will have large wheelbase.

2017 Alfa Romeo SUV Interior

As for the interior, it will be spacious and elegant. The Italian company has made an effort that passengers enjoy in the luxury and comfort. The new model will contain elements of high technology used by modern autoproduction. It is expected to find their vehicle in the roll control system and dumping program.

2017 Alfa Romeo SUV: Engine Specs

Under the hood of this SUV, we will find powerful engine. This will be in line four cylinder, turbocharged engine with a capacity of 175 liters. He will generate energy of 200 horsepower. In 2017 Alfa Romeo SUV will be found one more, an additional engine. It will be a turbocharged 2.0 liter engine. He will create 260 lb-ft and about 250 horsepower.

2017 Alfa Romeo SUV rear

2017 Alfa Romeo SUV: Date of Release and Price

The price of the new model is not yet known. The 2017 Alfa Romeo SUV will appear in the European market in early 2017.

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