2017 BMW X1: Changes

The company BMW is placed on the market its new model, called the 2017 BMW X1. The BMW X1 was first presented to the public in 2009. In 2016 he presented his revamped model. Now comes the latest model. Model of 2016 was characterized by luxury and numerous enhancements to the interior and exterior. We expect that the new model will not have major changes. It can be expected on the performance of the engine.

2017 BMW X1 front

2017 BMW X1: Redesign Exterior and Interior

As we mentioned, the new model will not have important differences in design. It is expected that a small change in lines, in order to show a modern look. The structure will be built of aluminum and carbon fiber. This will contribute to lower car weight, fuel efficiency, aerodynamics and control on the road. The 2017 BMW X1 will retain its sporty look, which adorns the entire X series.

The public will be presented hybrid model. It had partially changed front. There will be located a redesigned grille with new headlights. The changes are expected to exhaust tips and bumpers. The important thing about the new model is its size. While from the outside will look smaller than its predecessor, in fact, its cabin will be more comfortable. In short, the new model is a compact between sporty looks and comfort.

2017 BMW X1 interior

As for the interior, it will receive some changes. It will be used materials such as leather, aluminum and chrome. As we have noted, the cabin will be more spacious. It will contain room for 5 adults and two children. As for the infotainment system, it will be at the level of BMW standards. Security and electronic installations will be available in the new model. Of course, taking into account that this is a sports type SUV, control of the car will be further enhanced.

2017 BMW X1: Engine Specs

Engine will be one of the elective options when purchasing a car. Currently BMW have 2.0 liter turbocharged engine with four chambers. It can produce energy of 228 horsepower. Torque is 258 lb-ft. As for the other engine variant, we still do not know anything. We know that for the European market be offered diesel engine. Whichever engine you choose, it will be linked to two types of transactions. This will be either a six speed manual transmission or an eight speed automatic transmission system. In order to preserve the environment, the new 2017 BMW X1 brings a modern solution. It is the work on the reduction of Carbon Dioxide emission.

2017 BMW X1 rear

2017 BMW X1: Release Date and Price

The price of the new model will depend on the version you want to purchase. The basic version will cost 31 000 dollars, while the enhanced version will cost up to 50 000 dollars. We expect the 2017 BMW X1 comes on the market during the year 2016.

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