2017 BMW X6: Review, Price

The 2017 BMW X6 is the new successor to the X6 series. It’s proved to be a very popular model. The 2016 model has delighted many fans around the world. Taking this into account, the company hopes that it will also pass and its redesigned successor. Favor of the various components and innovative features, which brings a new SUV. It will contain a high technological innovation and systems. We expect to have better fuel efficiency. His cabin will be more spacious, which will help him in the fight for the market, including strong competition.

2017 BMW X6 front

2017 BMW X6: New interior design

As already mentioned, the new model will be more comfortable, unlike his predecessor. This is made possible thanks to this length plus SUV. For better stability during sharp turns, the vehicle height is also reduced. He will have alloy wheels, which will vary between 18 and 21 inch. The new 2017 BMW X6 thanks to makeshift suspension will have a better dynamics.

Thanks to the use of solid materials with low birth weight, overall size of the vehicle will be reduced. Thanks to that, the new model will be more stable on all types of terrain. The reduced weight will affect fuel consumption, which will be more economical in this case. Seen from above, notice the redesigned bumper and grille. It will have further impact on modern and powerful look of the car. It will contribute to the appearance of the new LED lights. She will, beside visual attractiveness, provide lower energy consumption in the use of headlights.

2017 BMW X6 interior

In the central part of the control panel will be in touch screen, the size of 10 inches. In addition, the new model will have air flow and climatic zone control unit. It will help him in the regulation of temperature in the vehicle, regardless of external weather conditions. Thanks to the great use of touch technology, the number of buttons on the control panel is significantly reduced. For driving in mountainous terrain, are installed Hill climb and descent control assist. Some components that are built into the new model are: blind spot monitoring, power tailgate, and high illumination headlights.

2017 BMW X6: Engine and Performance

Under the hood of the new model, there are three options for type of engine. It will be double cylinder turbocharged with options varying from six to eight cylinders. As a first option mentioned 3.0 liter inline six, with a power output of 300 horse power. Torque will in the first case amount to 300 lb-ft. Another variant of the engine will be a 4.8 liter V8 engine. He will produce 567 horsepower with a torque of 553 lb-ft. A third option is 4.4 liter, V8 engine also, with 445 hp. Torque will be in the third case amount to 480 lb-ft.

2017 BMW X6 rear

Whichever engine to be built, it will be connected to the 8 speed automatic transmission system. Acceleration of the new model will range from 0 to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds. It is possible that one variant of the 2017 BMW X6 switch to the electric motor, powered by lithium electric battery. For improved efficiency, the engine will feature an automatic start / stop function that will stop the vehicle in traffic jams and traffic lights even though this feature can be disabled when the startups begin to become jarring. It should be noted that the new SUV will have all wheel drive.

2017 BMW X6: Release Date and Price

The starting price of the base model 2017 BMW X6 will be about 60 000 dollars. It will grow, given the upgraded components and trim versions. Date of occurrence of new models in auto dealerships are expected to be in late 2017.

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