2017 Ford Bronco: Price, Raptor, svt

The company Ford will soon launch its latest model, called 2017 Ford Bronco. This will be the first SUV of Ford which will come under the first generation of cars. The new model will bring a dose of innovation in style, design and performance. The company expects to achieve a good success in the market and treated the fans of this brand of cars. In its long history of 50 years, the company has not launched the car in this segment. That’s why this anniversary date for them and hope to enlarging the already high fame among auto manufacturers.

2017 Ford Bronco front

2017 Ford Bronco: Redesign Exterior and Interior

The new model 2017 Ford Bronco will have a redesigned cabin. It will bring a new range of innovations in electronics and comfort. Exterior part will also take a dose of innovation. The new SUV will be stylish, and it would look attractive and strong. With such a design, and reputation of the company Ford, we expect to be easily placed among competing models.

2017 Ford Bronco interior

The design of the car will be made of materials with low weight. Therefore, this car will be lighter and have greater fuel economy. Due to the reduction in weight, handling this model will be facilitated. Apart from this the latest start and stop system is introduced inside it. But the function of this system is unknown at the moment. Grille shutters are also added which will enhance its beauty. Exterior appearance of the car will get a modern look, but not too much. This was done to attract both older and younger potential customers. Headlights will have a frame of squared shape. Front lights will be rounded. The placement of headlights is in such a way that that it gives them around appearance. Beside all this, there will be a grille which is comprised of three grids. New SUV will have a single exhaust pipe, cloud pair of lights and big, strong side mirrors in a rectangular shape.

2017 Ford Bronco: Engine and Performance

Below the hood of such a powerful model will be located powerful twin engines. It will be twin turbo V6 5.0 liter engine. It will produce energy of 365 horse power and torque of 420 lb-ft. Beside it, there will be two additional power trains. We speak of the turbo charged V6 engine with 357 lb-ft and 325 hp. Other engine will be much stronger than the first. It will be installed mainly in the high models of 2017 Ford Bronco. In addition to these above mentioned engines, there will be another, additional engine. It will be V6 3.5 liters engine, with 365 horsepower and 420 lb-ft.

2017 Ford Bronco rear

2017 Ford Bronco: Date of Release and Price

The new mode will appear on the market in late winter 2017. As for the price of 2017 Ford Bronco, it is not yet known.

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