2017 Mercedes GLA: Specifications, Price

2017 Mercedes GLA is perfectly compact model, which is characterized by luxury. Ranks high in the world of crossovers and is one of the best models GLA lines. Three-letter designation to the company’s Mercedes-Benz stands as the size and type of a given vehicle. Expectations are that it will be a new model to increase safety feature. These data confirmed by the very fact that this is a branded and renowned car brands.2017 Mercedes GLA frontIt is widely crossover became popular in the market and demand. Bids are great, and demand even greater. Fans around the world always seeking newer designs, and this is what they will get in the new Mercedes.

2017 Mercedes GLA: Details and Changes

Characteristic features of the new 2017 Mercedes GLA, which are on loan from the A-Class, will not be significantly altered. Innovations that have been introduced, are borrowed from the B-Class and the CLA model. Redesigned layout will certainly be pleasant for the eye. Most of the changes are expected at the front of the car.

2017 Mercedes GLA interior

As for the interior, the 2017 Mercedes GLA will not change basically. It is expected that only a change of materials, colors and minor elements. The new model will receive and modified circular openings, which will provide better ventilation.

2017 Mercedes GLA: Specification of Engine

For placement on the US market, customers will be able to choose between the two models offered. The base model will have a 2.0 liter turbocharged 4-liter engine. It will generate energy of 208 horsepower, while torque will be 258 pounds. The engine will be mated to a 7-speed automatic transmission with AWD being optional. Another option would be the AMG version, which will run twin-scroll turbocharger, BorgWarner. He will generate energy of 360 horsepower, and torque will be 332 pounds. So we notice that the second variant have a somewhat stronger engine.

2017 Mercedes GLA rear

2017 Mercedes GLA: Price and Date of Release

The precise release date of the new 2017 Mercedes GLA is not known. It is expected to be during 2017. The price is not substantially changed, so that it will reach for a base model about 35 000 dollars.


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