2017 Toyota Hilux: Release Date, Price

Hilux line is for a long time significantly increase sales ability of Toyota. It is expected that the new 2017 Toyota Hilux even more increase the capacity of sales. Customer requirements for new and updated models are large. It is expected that the Toyota Hilux meet those needs. Exterior and interior of the new model are promoted. On the outside are expected to add elements for a powerful look. As for the interior, it will be innovative in the form of improved size and function. Power and engine performance are also improved. The car will now have a stronger engine with better fuel efficiency.

2017 Toyota Hilux front

2017 Toyota Hilux: Redesign of Interior and Exterior

In the construction vehicles were used elements of low body weight, such as aluminum. They will give a new model of low weight and easy handling of the vehicle. The innovative new design, this gives the car a sporty and powerful appearance. This feature will make it easy classed among the leading SUVs and make it very competitive. As for the front part of the 2017 Toyota Hilux has reserved the grid in the three layers, which is partially redesigned. The new design will give her a more aggressive look. Positions headlights were little changed, making them better positioned than before. Since it is expected that this car goes by a variety of terrains, the front bumper is increased. The rear lights are arranged vertically and additionally influence the powerful look of the car. Air flow in the engine is improved, too. Exhaust has also been redesigned, which is now more efficient than before. To overcome all terrain and obstacles that they will meet, this car has got a large and conspicuous point. Wheels will have a high-performance tires for better grip the ground.

2017 Toyota Hilux interior

If we pay attention to the interior of the vehicle, we will see a large number of innovative functions. Convenience is also improved. The spacious cab vehicles includes comfortable seats that automatically warms. Seats will have head restraints. The vehicle will have functions for connection, such as Bluetooth, wi-fi, fast internet and USB ports. The temperature in the car will be constantly pleasant, thanks to the new system of temperature regulation called three zone climate control. Engineers are working on security, so that the 2017 Toyota Hilux has seat belts and airbags. Electronic features are seen in the form of interactive whiteboard with a large LCD screen, as well as various other. To ensure better control of the vehicle and changing gears, gearbox and steering wheel are covered with a fine layer of skin.

2017 Toyota Hilux: Performance and Engine

The new model will use two versions of the engine. It will be a 2.8 liter V8 diesel engine, which will generate energy of 180 horsepower. Torque will be at 190 pounds. Another variant is the 2.8 liter engine, which will release 160 horsepower. Torque in this case will amount to 300 lb-ft. Both engines will be paired with automatic and manual transmission. As for the drive, the new Toyota will come out in two options. One option would be a vehicle with two-wheel drive and the other with drive to all four wheels.

2017 Toyota Hilux rear

2017 Toyota Hilux: Date of Release and Price

New 2017 Toyota Hilux SUV will come out in showrooms in late 2016 or early 2017. As far as prices are concerned, it is speculated that it will be around 21 000 dollars. This will be the starting price.

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