2017 Fiat Freemont Design, Release Date

The 2017 Fiat Freemont is ready and it’s rearing to go. According to latest reports, new Freemont is ready to take down its rivals and kick off a healthy partnership between Dodge and Fiat. It is a joint venture between these two heavyweights and it is being sold under Dodge journey’s batch. It was introduced back in 2008 and it gained popularity in 2011 when Fiat took charge.

Significant changes have been made in both body works and specs. The engine has been revamped and a more fuel efficient variant has been put in assembled in its place.

2017 Fiat Freemont - front

2017 Fiat Freemont – Changes in Look and Design

The 2017 Fiat Freemont is a perfect blend of past and future. It bears similar resemblance with earlier models and contains futuristic modifications as well. The appearance looks exciting, with new bumper modifications, headlights teak and a lot more. Front bumpers have a platinum front grille in them with three fog lights in it.

The design looks classy and majestic when looked up front. An addition of platinum bars on the roof has given the overall design a feel of dominance. Five spoke wheels specially crafted out of new aluminum alloy amplifies the visual treat.


The 2017 Fiat Freemont will be no less than a canopy of exciting modifications which will perfectly complement the dynamics of the new generation. Leather-wrapped seats are more comfortable than before. New seating arrangements will let passengers of any size, adjust themselves with relative ease. Dashboard has been upgraded with the lot of new specs which includes a centralized infotainment unit, modified navigation setup and lots of new safety features.

This vehicular cabin has been designed with a lot of intriguing ideas that includes new gadgets and automotive technologies. Gear knobs and the steering wheel is more comfortable to master. More room for cargos has been allocated.

2017 Fiat Freemont - interior

Safety features

  • Lane assist
  • Brake assists
  • Contemporary air bags
  • Rear view camera
  • Headrests
  • Power controlled stability with adaptive drive modes and much more.

2017 Fiat Freemont – Engine Specs

The 2017 Fiat Freemont is going to carry a powerful drivetrain setup. A Multi Jet II unit with 2.0-liter capacity has been installed. This new setup will generate 140 hp and sufficient amount of torque. Drivetrain configuration will be six-speed automatic. The exact fuel economy rates are yet to be released by Fiat. The new rates will be definitely higher than its predecessors. This new model will emit less carbon dioxide and contribute to less pollution.

2017 Fiat Freemont - rear

Price and Release date of 2017 Fiat Freemont

A lot of modifications have been made in Fiat Freemont 2017 and the new price tag is going to be definitely higher than the previous ones. Base models of the new variant have been priced at $39,000.

No light has been shed on the release date of this upcoming 2017 Freemont. According to numerous speculations, new Fiat Freemont is going to be launched in the later quarter of next year. A lot of work is yet to be done on this new model, it would be wise for the manufacturers to endeavor and bear with fans with necessities.

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