Honda HR-V Mugen Features, Price

Made its first appearance in the year 2014 at Indonesia International Auto Show was the Honda HR-V Mugen which will be a brand new model from Honda. It was first designed and developed for Eastern part of the world, but its growing demand had compelled the automakers to bring it to the American market. Enthusiast of this model has to wait for some more months because it is still in the production stage.

Honda was always trying hard to make a sound basis in the crossover market but couldn’t reach their expectation. But now they are hoping that this HR-V sister model would help them to accomplish that dream. The Philippines division of the Japanese came up with the idea for Mugen which got a lot of attention during its launch. It will carry a unique body design, and experts are suggesting that its design will be its USP in the market.

Honda HR-V Mugen - front

Honda HR-V Mugen – Innovations in the Dashboard, Storage, and Safety Features

Honda HR-V Mugen would wear a stunning body design complemented with slim body curves in various parts. The side portion of the Mugen will carry a deep curve which will surely catch the glance of the buyers. Overall measurement of the car is slightly extended giving it a wide body stance. Its length will be 169 inches, the width will be 69 inches and height will be 63 inches.

Amenities that it will carry in its exterior are:

  • Body stripes at the bonnet.
  • Stylish front mesh grille.
  • Floral designed wheels.
  • Lower aluminum panel.
  • Branched spoiler.
  • Front spoiler at the lower arch.
  • Ventilated visor.

Apart from all these, most of the amenities will be same as its counterpart although it will slightly different in design.


Interior of Honda HR-V Mugen will have an elegant furnishing, and it will equip all kind of modern amenities that can be possible. The most eye-catching feature of the interior will be leather furnished although some are suggesting that Honda will not apply any dual tone color combination.

New wide body panel will provide ample amount of leg and head space along with large space for cargo storage. It will carry same interior equipment as Modulo along with all safety and security features.

Honda HR-V Mugen - interior

Honda HR-V Mugen – Main Power Production Unit

This Japanese automaker will pack Honda HR-V Mugen with one specific engine although there is a huge chance that they will also add a new engine which will carry Earth Dreams Technology. The standard drive train it will get is a 1.8 liter inline four that is equipped with 16 valves having 1798 CC of displacement.

Having an output of 141 hp and 126 lb-ft, Mugen is expected to produce a remarkable performance. It will also carry a CVT gearbox which will provide a soothing ride with its four-wheel drive system. The fuel crunch will be 18 mpg on city condition while it will be 25 mpg on the freeway.

Honda HR-V Mugen - rear

Honda HR-V Mugen – Competition and Pricing

Honda hasn’t released exact availability date of new HR-V Mugen, but it projected to release in the last quarter of 2016. This crossover won’t come cheap, and it will have a price tag around $31,000.

Competitors of Honda HR-V Mugen will be:

  • Mazda CX-3.
  • Nissan Qashqai.
  • Subaru Crosstrek.
  • Fiat 500x.

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