2017 VW Polo Mk6 SUV Review, Price

German automaker manufacturer Volkswagen will unveil its sixth-generation car, the 2017 VW Polo Mk6 SUV, at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show in June. A stark improvement to its previous model, 2017 PoloMk6 is expected to be the much-awaited car in coming years. Review of few distinguishable specifications from its competitors is as follows.

2017 VW Polo Mk6 SUV - front

2017 VW Polo Mk6 SUV –¬†External Body Parts and Inner Cosmetic Changes

  1. When compared to its forerunner, the car will be more energy efficient, at least by 20% to 25%. Also, Polo Mk6 will shed 154lbs to 176lbs to enhance its engine longevity and aerodynamic features.
  2. Volkswagen has decided to move on from the PQ25 platform and has decided to redesign this sixth generation car on MQB A0 platform. Although this platform is the smallest among the entire MQB toolkit, it will not disappoint.
  3. On grounds of looks, the 2017 VW Polo Mk6is more streamlined and aerodynamic. Drawing inspiration from VW Tennis and VW Passat, its exterior physique along with hatchback structure and new front grille gives this vehicle a refreshing overall look.


  1. The vehicle comes with LED installed front and rear lighting. The front lights are redesigned to have a gun-barrel shape. Improved fog and turning lights give the 2017 VW Polo Mk6 SUV a modern appearance.
  2. The most notable feature of 2017 VW Polo Mk6 SUV is its expanded cabin space. By increasing its wheelbase to 2,560 mm as compared to its previous version of Polo, this vehicle has room for one more passenger in its rear seat.

2017 VW Polo Mk6 SUV - interior

2017 VW Polo Mk6 SUV – Engine Specs

  1. As for the engine specifications, it is expected to come with two units, 1.0-liter and 1.5-liter Petrol Each unit will again come in two versions, natural suction and turbocharged. The turbocharged version is expected to deliver a maximum of 115 hp for the 1.0-liter and 160 hp for the 1.5-liter engine.
  2. A diesel version will also be available. A 1.5-liter unit offering power outputs of nearly 90 hp, 110 hp, and 130 hp.
  3. The transmission will be procurable in choices among 5-speed and 6-speed, both manually driven and 7-speed automatic dual-clutch system.
  4. A remodeled version, Polo Mk6 comes with improved comfort levels. Increased length of the car allows the passengers more legroom, and padded leather seats provide enhanced comfort. Cargo space will also receive a considerable boost.
  5. A sixth generation model, the 2017 VW Polo Mk6 SUV is set to include a host of recent technical features like the Automatic Braking System (ABS) and flexible cruise control. Proximity indicator will allow the driver to maintain a safe distance from nearby cars. It’s higher end trim will sport a 9.5-inch display and a fully digital dashboard to give this car a classy look.

2017 VW Polo Mk6 SUV - rear

2017 VW Polo Mk6 SUV – Price

  1. The price of this car is set to range between $20,000 and $30,000 depending on the model, although the further change in numbers can be expected depending on the exchange rates of 2017.

In conclusion, the VW Polo Mk6 2017 will look forward to competing with Ford Ecosport on grounds of price and features. Finally, a futuristic model combined with elegant looks, the 2017 VW Polo Mk6 is all set to make a mark in the automobile industry.


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