2017 Ford Endeavour Design, Release Date

Today there is a high demand for sports utility vehicles in the market. As time goes by, more vehicles are being fitted with this technology. Not only are they luxurious-looking vehicles, they are quite powerful on the road. There has been a lot of anticipation on the release of the 2017 Ford Endeavour that strongly likens to the Ford Everest. It also incorporates several aspects of the Ranger, Explorer and Flex models that are highly familiar with India.

2017 Ford Endeavour - front

2017 Ford Endeavour – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

The vehicle is fitted with a strong bold grille lined with inserted chrome that sort of sweeps backs the light, showcasing its sporty appearance. Right at the bumpers, lower end is a matte silver skid plate which extends to the fog lights mounted overhead. This SUV possesses has strong wheel arches, door handles and folds that are all lined with chrome. The waste line window stretches from throughout the entire back cover before finally connecting with its windshield. The wide tail forms a good part of the vehicle’s rear showcasing its sleek chrome strip lights.

The front design can be stressed out in three distinct sections: Lower front bumper laid back headlamps and a protective flow style that incorporates fog. At the side of its theme design are a raked windshield, smooth ceiling, window sweeps and the lowly sculpted door. Atop the ceiling are roof rails, tailgate spoilers at the rear which give it a distinctive look.


No matter how rugged the vehicle seems on the outside the interior of this 7 seater is equipped with fine leather upholstery and a panoramic sunroof. The interior has can be described as comfort to perfection. The vehicle is large enough to incorporate your entire family or team. There is plenty of space for everyone. The interior LED lighting increase visibility as you relax on the PowerFold chairs.

The 2017 Ford Endeavour design emphasises a lot on passenger safety. Seven airbags mounted on the sides of the seat guarantee protection. The interior is lined with noise cancelling materials and is microphone sensitive so as to detect and measure its engine noise which is offset by sound waves which have a cancelling effect.

2017 Ford Endeavour - interior

2017 Ford Endeavour – Engine and Performance

The 2017 Ford Endeavour boasts of a powerful 4 cylinder 2.2-litre diesel powered engine operating on Dura-Tech TDCi. It can produce 160 hp as well as 284 pond-foot in torque. Its other engine model is the 3.2-liter powerhouse with 5 cylinders and the Dura-Tech TDCi. This model can generate up to 200 hp. In as much as the 2017 Ford Endeavour is a four wheel drive, it boasts of a 6-spped automated transmission system. Based on test drive estimation, the ride should easily make 26 miles per gallon when racing through the city. When racing across the main highway it will be running on 30 miles per gallon speed.

2017 Ford Endeavour - rear

2017 Ford Endeavour – Price and Release date

It’s expected that the initial cost of the vehicle will range from $32,000 to $38,000. It will make its debut in the China, UK and US markets. The Ford Endeavour 2017 will be showcased in auto shows this 2017 as it continues to make a bold statement in the auto industry.

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