2017 Suzuki Jimny Review, Release Date

All lovers of the SUV vehicles are getting a new blood with 2017 Suzuki Jimny. The redesign was the most important change about this car and the differences are obvious. Nevertheless, the basic philosophy stayed the same. Small off-road SUV with many practical sides remained the characteristic of this 2017 Suzuki Jimny. What else is the advantage? Let’s take a look.

2017 Suzuki Jimny - front

2017 Suzuki Jimny –¬†Stylish Exterior and Interior Design

Lightweight materials are part of the vehicle’s base and that is the reason why new Suzuki Jimny is 250 pounds lighter. The specific way of construction is obvious when you pay attention to the exterior. Grill design is quite impressive while tire base gets a significantly larger position. Lightning is now more advanced with all those fog lighting fixtures. The overall look is simple but full of interesting details, which makes the car distinctive. Exterior is a little bit rough with squared shape, but that is why the car always gets a lot of attention.


When it comes to the interior, the 2017 Jimny brings a lot of excitement. You will never get lost in the middle of somewhere because the car is equipped with GPS navigation. Other devices are 3D compass and tachometer. It seems that designers think about some off-road adventures with all these types of equipment. If you are ready to feel something different on the road, then new Suzuki Jimny can give you a real excitement. It is not reserved only for you. The car can seat up to 8 people thanks to 3-row seats, so you can take all your family or friends on the trip.

2017 Suzuki Jimny - interior

2017 Suzuki Jimny – Engine and Performance

A great car must be followed with a great engine. It is the case with 2017 Suzuki Jimny where constructors used the 1.3-liter engine with 4-tube version. Power is well combined with the performances of the vehicle. Therefore, the engine can create more than 134 hp, which is quite enough for a potent drive. All 4 wheels are getting a powerful source of energy from the engine and the result is more than interesting.

You will find yourself driving on the heavy roads without noticing that the road is difficult. The suspension system is responsible for that feeling, so every driver can enjoy maximally. If you drive on the normal road in the city environment, 2017 Suzuki Jimny will reach 29mpg. The coverage is better than many other SUV vehicles on the city roads. That is one more advantage of the car when comparing to competitors.

2017 Suzuki Jimny - side

2017 Suzuki Jimny – Price and Release Date

New Suzuki Jimny 2017 will see the lights of the roads during the last months of 2016 and it is part of Suzuki business. They release the new models a little bit earlier than expected and all enthusiasts will be pleased to drive this car. If we consider the price, the situation is expected.

Those who are willing to invest a little bit more than $19,000 will have the opportunity to drive 2017 Suzuki Jimny. They will experience how the adventure gets a new meaning. This redesigned classic gets different shapes, but the core stayed the same. Take all the people you love and follow the adventurous spirit. The car like this can take you to an amazing trip.

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