2017 Honda BR-V Review, Price

Have you ever complained about the Honda CR-V? If you have, perhaps you have been waiting for the latest from the company, I am glad to announce to you that Honda has released the 2017 Honda BR-V. As a fan of Honda products and a car savvy, it is good that you check it out for yourself and see what this car has for you. Let’s take a look at it.

Honda’s latest product is coming better and more reliable as the engines are continuing their culture in the new 2017 Honda BR-V SUV. The key selling point of the new born baby car is its 1.5-liter I-VTEC Petrol and 1.5-liter i-DTEC diesel engine which gives amazing hp to this beautiful SUV as the speed increased astronomically. This is perhaps, strength meeting stability.

2017 Honda BR-V - front

2017 Honda BR-V – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

The interior is not left out, as it came with a full and well-decorated interior and latest audio MP3 music set. The 7 seater laid out Honda BR-V 2017 Model is by far better than the Mobilio MPV. All we can observe is that the interior now comes an AC positioned in-between the first and second-row seats to ensure the adequate comfort of the owner and family.

The dashboard now comes with a larger touch screen with numerous functional display like no other Honda product. With the improved technology, the 2017 Honda BR-V came with Google Earth, driving direction, satellite radio and quality communication system well placed to ensure heaven on earth experience. The seat leather was also not left out as it came with a beautiful body pleasant to the eyes.


A car is first accessed by the exterior, hence, Honda came with a tough and solid bodied 2017 BR-V. Honda utilised the latest material science technology when combining aluminium and steel in proper ration to produce this high durable car body. The headlamps were stylishly reshaped and the light emitting diodes LED were employed in the latest bulbs to ensure and enhance visibility. The rear and front bumpers were also reshaped to please the buyer and with the diamond finishing, the 2017 Honda BR-V were perfectly built and finished with a 16-inch alloys.

2017 Honda BR-V - interior

2017 Honda BR-V – Modification under the Hood

If you are familiar with Honda products, then let me tell you the new changes that comes with the baby Honda BR-V 2017. Honda increased its engine such that it now produces 118 hp with 145NM torque, does it sound good? Yes of course, the tires comes with a reduced friction, credit to the latest technologies, with the reduced speed, the 2017 Honda BR-V can now go six times additional speed. This friction were also reduced in the engine production to minimize the fuel consumption rate to 18 mpg.

2017 Honda BR-V - rear

2017 Honda BR-V – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

No one is very certain about the price of the BR-V, but caranddrivers.com can speculate with others that the about to be delivered 2017 BR-V may sell at the price of $14500 to $22,000. This price is a function of the customer’s choice of the engine, transmission and trim of the car. Finally, speculations among various car dealers have it that the car may be launched in October 2017 in Shanghai car show or perhaps on the next Detroit auto show.

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