2017 BMW X3 Hybrid Review, Price

The 2017 BMW X3 Hybrid is one of the SUV’s that is going to be released by BMW early this year. BMW fans out there have waited for the next iteration of the X3. It seems that this new version will definitely excite every BMW fanatics out there.

It is expected that the new BMW X3 hybrid will surpass its predecessors. Also, it will feature the latest in car technology and it is also believed to bring back some of the classic features that were loved in the previous versions. Here are some of the first-hand details of the 2017 BMW X3 Hybrid SUV.

2017 BMW X3 Hybrid - front

2017 BMW X3 Hybrid – Exterior Body Styles and Interior Changes

The interior of the new X3 will feature an improved infotainment system that is integrated into its dashboard. On top of this, the new iDrive system will also be integrated. The latest BMW X3 Hybrid will also have a bigger cabin. This is because the new X3 is going to be slightly bigger than it’ predecessors. The seating capacity will be slightly slimmer allowing for more legroom, for a more comfortable ride.

The new 2017 X3 Hybrid is also seen to have a larger luggage capacity. The Exterior of the 2017 BMW X3 Hybrid has a new glass house. It is also longer rear quarter windows and rear doors. This maybe because of the extra space created with the increased size of the wheelbase.

BMW promised that although this version of the X3 will have bigger space than the previous models, it will be about 100 kilos lighter. Despite that, the X3 will also have bigger wheels and bigger brakes. Some of the exterior design were inspired by the X5 and buyers will have the choice of either including the M sport or the X-line equipment packs.

2017 BMW X3 Hybrid - interior

2017 BMW X3 Hybrid – Engine and Performance

The new BMW X3 is said to have three different engine variants for you to choose from. These engines will range from the upgraded four-cylinder engine to the new 6 cylinder engine. The hybrid version will also come with an electric generator which can produce up to 95 hp. This is complemented by a petrol engine that will provide 245 hp, to give this car a powerful total of 300 hp.

Such feature was taken from the hybrid technology playbook of the BMW X5. The 6 cylinder engine, on the other hand, will be accompanied by a direct-injection petrol which is one of the fuel-saving features of the 2017 BMW X3 Hybrid Car. The other versions of the X3 will have a petroleum engine that is turbocharged.

2017 BMW X3 Hybrid - rear

2017 BMW X3 Hybrid – Price and Release Date

BMW fans especially those who are waiting for the unveiling of the hybrid version of the new BMW X3 Hybrid 2017, will not have to wait long. This is because the new the new X3 Hybrid is said to be released in the first or second quarter of 2017. One of the most awaited unveilings for this SUV. As of the latest BMW hasn’t announced the price for this version of the BMW X3 Hybrid. But it is expected to be following the pricing of its previous versions if not slightly higher.

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