2018 Toyota Fortuner Design, Price

The latest model 2018 Toyota Fortuner, which is also known as Toyota SW4 will be shown to the audience at the end of 2017. This medium-sized SUV model has gained incredible popularity in India, Philippines and Thailand. The original version of the new 2018 Fortuner produced in Thailand and is based on the IMV platform. The new model belongs to the second generation, which was introduced last year in July. This new generation has offered a large number of innovations that will surely love it. There is no doubt that this model will be in the top rankings of the best medium-sized SUV models in the current year.

2018 Toyota Fortuner - front

2018 Toyota Fortuner – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

New 2018 Toyota Fortuner will not undergo significant changes. On the front page will be located a small grid that is already set to be horizontal. In the central part of the hood will be a larger air intake. The new model will have the new LED lights and fog lights that will contribute to the model look more modern. This model will have a greater choice of colors in relation to the model of last year. The headlights of the new model will likely be redesigned.


Still, has a lot of information when it comes to the interior of the new model. It appears to us that such information is still under wraps. Certainly, there is no doubt that the new Toyota will be equipped with the utmost in equipment and technology. This model will have rear parking camera, all around the sensor, tilt-and-telescopic steering wheel. The new 2018 Toyota Fortuner, in addition to this, have Vehicle Stability Control. Like the previous model, and the new SUV will have Start-Stop Engine Button.

2018 Toyota Fortuner - interior

2018 Toyota Fortuner – Powerful Engine and Performance

The new 2018 Toyota Fortuner has five different powertrains. Under the hood, the new model is a 2.4-liter inline-4 diesel engine. This version of the engine will be associated with a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission system. This engine has the ability to produce 149 hp and 253 or 300 lb-ft of torque. This version of the engine has the best fuel economy when it comes to fuel consumption. The second engine is a 2.8-liter inline 4-engine, which has similar features as the basic engine. However, it is slightly stronger. In fact, this engine can produce 177 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque (330 lb-ft of torque with an automatic gearbox).

2018 Toyota Fortuner - rear

2018 Toyota Fortuner – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

Latest Toyota Fortuner 2018 is expected to be presented in showrooms in late 2017. Still no official information about the exact release date. The price of the model will be around $ 55,000. Please note that you should not expect too much from this model. We have already said that the new model will not undergo significant changes. However, if you want a model that will provide you with a safe and comfortable ride, the new 2018 Fortuner is definitely a good choice.

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