2018 Lincoln Aviator Review, Price

At the end of the current year, the fourth generation of 2018 Lincoln Aviator will be presented to the audience around the world. The new 2018 Aviator is a bit larger than its competitor Range Rover. The price of the model will be affordable even for those who cannot allocate a higher sum of money.

That means the price of the model will be affordable for those with a drop pocket. It is thought that this model will be one of the most popular models in the next year. The new SUV model has been refreshed and redesigned but has retained most of the designer lines as the previous model.

2018 Lincoln Aviator - front

2018 Lincoln Aviator – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

One of the more important reviews of this SUV in the previous period was the lack of elegance and luxury, which is necessary to consider the product as a premium. This time the company tried to make the new SUV model richly equipped with high-quality material. Lincoln added a few more completely new details. The company logo on the mask is now lit up in the gut. LED lighting is standard. The safety belts now provide the Lincoln logo in LED lighting. Lincoln is equipped with a new type of glass that should isolate all the sounds,


This time, Lincoln Aviator tried to offer rich equipment. The new SUV will have a larger monitor on which you can connect your mobile phone (via USB cable or Bluetooth). The seats are covered with high-quality material. They have their own commands. On the back seats, there are two 10-inch monitors. Seats can be moved in many different ways while the second and third row of seats have a standard massager in them. Lincoln promises the largest legroom in the category. Two-row seats on the rear of the vehicle have several USB ports. It also has a panoramic roof.

2018 Lincoln Aviator - interior

2018 Lincoln Aviator – Modification under the Hood

The latest 2018 Lincoln Aviator has a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine. This version of the model has the ability to produce 380 hp and 651 lb-ft of torque. However, according to some stories for 2018, the power will jump as high as 450 hp and 678 lb-ft of torque. This means that this model will be the most powerful in the class. The only gearbox as an option is automatically with ten speeds. Acceleration is expected to be up to 100 km / h in about 5.5 seconds and maximum traction is about five tonnes.

2018 Lincoln Aviator - rear

2018 Lincoln Aviator – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

As already mentioned, the new Aviator is expected at the beginning of next year. The exact release date of the new model is not yet official. There is no doubt that Lincoln has done a great job, but it also means that the current starting price of $ 64,000 will surely rise to over $ 70,000.

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