2018 Honda BR-V Review, Price

The brand new 2018 Honda BR-V arrives at the showroom at the beginning of 2018, giving a unique crossover class: dynamic style, spaciousness of an MPV, sophisticated and at the same time fun driving dynamics with extremely low consumption. This is just one of the models of the improved Honda vehicles, which proves a pioneering approach to technological innovations. The 2018 BR-V reflects its distinctive elegance with the unique, courageously shaped lines of a coupe, coupled with a strong and robust SUV’s stance. The brand-new BR-V fits the dynamic personality of a coupe with a strong SUV’s stature, creating a distinctive look.

2018 Honda BR-V - front

2018 Honda BR-V – Exterior Body Styles and Interior Changes

The brand-new BR-V fits the dynamic personality of a coupe with a strong SUV’s stature, creating a distinctive look. The shape of the bodywork and the rear window lines that narrow down together give a dynamic and sporty side profile, perfectly matching the “hidden” rear door locks. Also, a unique, sharp cut line along the side gives 2018 Honda BR-V a forward-looking attitude and a sense of mobility and agility, even at rest.

The new 2018 Honda BR-V causes a sense of safe, robust presence. The specially designed lower part of the body contributes to the sense of strength, strength and hard-hitting of a larger SUV. It is only reinforced by a strong horizontal orientation of the front and rear bumper. In order for BR-V to boast of its personal and confident identity on the road, its designers ensured that it had a clean family heritage. For example, the new 2018 Honda BR-V shares the bold “graceful, wing-like design” of the merged front headlamps and a sharp narrowing of the rear-side side window. In the rear, new 2018 BR-V retains its fresh style. Also, the sharp rear stop lamp ideally fits the wide tailgate.


The 2018 Honda BR-V in the passenger compartment offers the largest space in the classroom. And – thanks to the innovative Honda Magic Seat system – a high level of flexibility. High quality, touch-sensitive materials and sophisticated design define the 2018 Honda BR-V interior. Honda designers have combined expansive space with the feeling of a sporty, all-encompassing interior space. The new Honda-based Info-Entertainment System, based on applications and placed inside the vehicle, functions over a 7 “touch screen at the center of the dashboard. And provides access to internet browsing, current news, traffic, weather and music services.

Once housed, all travelers benefit from the leading spaciousness in the class with the leg, shoulder and head in the front and rear, which is usually in the class of larger vehicles. The luggage compartment also offers impressive spaciousness, with 453 liters of used rear seats and 1026 liters to the line of the folded rear seats. The wide opening of the rear door and low loading height mean easier access and a spacious trunk.

Also, the new SUV model will maintain the reputation of a model known as the most practical in the class with an unmatched passenger and luggage space. Quality materials, simple and sophisticated design and a new digital display instrument panel create a fresh interior ambience of top quality.

2018 Honda BR-V - interior

2018 Honda BR-V – Modification under the Hood

In addition, the new 2018 Honda BR-V will have two versions of the engine. The first version of the engine is a 1.5-liter i-VTEC four-cylinder petrol. This version of the engine can produce 118 horsepower and 107 lb-ft of torque. This engine is connected to a six-speed manual or CVT transmission. The second version of the engine is the 1.5-liter Earth Dreams i-DTEC inline-4 turbodiesel. This version of the engine has the power and the same options as the first version of the engine. There’s still no information about fueling the fuel, but it’s sure to be better than the Pilots.

2018 Honda BR-V - rear

2018 Honda BR-V – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

In conclusion, the brand new Honda BR-V was designed to meet the industry’s industry-leading safety standards. Silhouette of the new model radiates self-confidence and sportiness. As we have already mentioned, the new model can be expected next year. Finally, the model price is not yet known.

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