2019 Toyota Land Cruiser Review, Price

The new 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser coming soon. It has really become an icon in the 4×4 vehicle segment. Its unrivaled field performance and durability has earned him the reputation of the world’s most long-lasting and most reliable car on all four wheels. Land Cruiser’s durability and terrain abilities are covered in combination with the use of an extremely robust and resistant construction.

Also, several easy-to-use driving assistance systems allow for quick and safe passage to uncomfortable parts of the terrain. While beginners considerably assist in developing their driving technique. Toyota Land Cruiser technologically one of the most advanced, and at the same time the simplest 4×4 vehicles for everyday use in the world.

2019 Toyota Land Cruiser - front

Let’s Check the 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser: Inside and Out

All the outer elements of the car are so large that you cannot understand the true situation without the reference body. Perhaps, if you can see how seats in the cabin look a bit in comparison to the car, you will see the situation of the 2019 Land Cruiser. Everything is immense on it: headlights are big like a driver’s car chauffeur, fog lights are like the standard headlights on Fiat Stilo, the radiator grille is the size of a national flag, wheels with a diameter of 18 coli and all the way to the rear bumper.

Very important novelties are located below the sheet metal, far from the eyes and interest of the owners of this car. A new chassis has been developed, an element that carries the same role as a spine in a man. It is now more resistant to the curves that are exposed to field driving. A new type of suspension is mounted on the chassis. It is recognizes the type of field you are driving. And how it is automatically adjusted to meet the requirements. Thanks to the KDSS suspension system, the wheels will remain in contact with the vehicle much longer than they would expect while driving.


The interior is covered with leather and soft carpets, enriched with wood applications. In the center of the dashboard is a large touch screen where you can adjust all in-car systems. Also, use a navigation system featuring 24 mapped maps, play DVDs.

The new 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser is also equipped with the “Smart Key” system thanks to which it is enough to get close to the car. It will unlock itself and to start the engine it is enough to press a button on the control panel. All you need is a card that allows all of this. Although there are a large number of shelves and cassettes in the car (there is even a kind fridge). Also, there is no place for storing the “card key”.

2019 Toyota Land Cruiser - interior

2019 Toyota Land Cruiser – Engine Specifications

The new 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser is now available with the new 2.8-liter D-4D turbo diesel engine. This version of the engine can deliver 130 kW / 177 hp. It can also be combined with a 6-speed manual transmission or a brand new 6-speed automatic transmission. Its field support system also makes it the most advanced, safest and most favorable to drive a four-wheel drive vehicle.

The new 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser combines distinctive terrain features with striking and modern style. Also, it has high standards of interior quality, commendable comfort and the new Toyota Touch 2 Go Plus multimedia system. No other model in the segment can compete with the Land Cruiser’s combination of field and road skills. Its pronounced attitude, improved driving comfort and advanced technology create the impression of premium vehicles for all occasions.

2019 Toyota Land Cruiser - side

2019 Toyota Land Cruiser – Release Date and How Much Will Cost?

In addition to design changes, the new Toyota Land Cruiser 2019 brings a number of improvements when it comes to interior quality. The latest model will be presented to the audience mid-next year. According to speculations, the price should not be higher than $ 85,000.

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