2019 Lincoln Navigator Specs, Price

Lincoln Navigator debuted in 1997 as the first premium SUV with three rows of seats.  Although sales were initially very high, the years of neglect resulted in the Cadillac Escalade being taken over by the class as well as German and Japanese rivals. On the design side, the latest 2019 Lincoln Navigator shares many lines with the recently introduced updated MKZ. The latest 2019 Navigator should be a more luxurious version than the previous model. Therefore, we expect more customer attention.

One of the criticisms of this SUV in the past was the lack of luxury. The American vehicle manufacturer hopes to repair the aforementioned faults in the same rhythm as it refreshed the rest of the offer of the previous years – a move that has never returned Lincoln to the roads of old glory, but has received many praise compared to its predecessor.

2019 Lincoln Navigator - front

2019 Lincoln Navigator – Exterior Body Changes and Interior Cabin Design

Many will agree that some lines are borrowed from the Range Rover, especially in the form of a roof in the rear of the vehicle, but there is no doubt that the new 2019 Navigator is equally true to Lincoln as the previous models were. One of the most eye-catching details are the big “gull-wing” doors, but they are made specifically to attract the attention of the audience.

Lincoln promises that the choice of standard and optional equipment will be greater than ever before. In terms of mechanics, the American vehicle manufacturer confirmed that the Lincoln Navigator 2019 will be made with a “shell on the chassis” strategy. That means it will continue to be a SUV instead of a crossover.


On the other hand, the interior provides space for six passengers. It will certainly not change to a large extent as general design. The interior itself is such that at first glance it can be noticed that Lincoln did not save money. Next to the seat. And the steering wheel and almost every other part is covered with the finest leather.

Following the example of smaller MKZ and Continental and Navigator no longer provides the standard gearbox handle but the button to free up additional space. All the specimens come with several keys to identify the cabbage drivers. So even if there are more drivers in the family, each of them can save their settings (seats, windows, pedals, temperature, etc.).

2019 Lincoln Navigator - interior

Underneath the Hood of the 2019 Lincoln Navigator

The moment you press the button and turn on the engine, the 12-inch screen gives you six options for driving. The choice of standard equipment in terms of safety measures is also impressive. All models come with several parking sensors and cameras that cover every part of the car.

The new 2019 Lincoln Navigator only confirmed the 3.5-liter Eco Boost V6 engine. It has 380 hp and 651 Nm of torque in it. However, according to some stories for 2018, the power will be able to jump to such a 450 hp and 678 Nm of torque. These are identical figures as with the new Ford F-150 Raptor. That means Lincoln’s representative is now most convincingly powerful in class.

Thanks to the aluminum shell, the Navigator lost about 100 kg of weight. The only gearbox as an option is an automatic with ten speeds, developed in cooperation with General Motors. An acceleration of up to 100 km / h is expected in about 5.5 seconds and a maximum speed of about five tons.

2019 Lincoln Navigator - rear

2019 Lincoln Navigator – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

The new 2019 Lincoln Navigator will have a starting price of $ 64,000 and will rise to over 70,000. It still gives the Navigator a slight advantage over Escalade. The new 2019 Lincoln Navigator will be shown at the showrooms at the beginning of next year.

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