2019 Ford Expedition Review, Price

The 2019 Ford Expedition coming soon. Ford can proudly say that it is the leader in the world of pickups and crossovers / SUVs on the American market. ModelĀ Edge and Explorer are convincingly best-selling in their categories. The Escape / Plague is also on top, and the F-Series pick-up has been the best-selling car on this continent for the past 35 years in a row. This leaves us with only one product where Ford does not know for a long time a great success, and it’s a great Expedition model. Ford Expedition debuted in mid-1996 as a model for the year 1997 and was the first Ford’s big terrain.

Expedition proved to be very popular, and in 1999, a record 233,125 copies were sold. However, from that moment there was a gradual decline and sales fell by more than 90%. Expedition did not change much, with the exception of a couple of refreshments. In front of us is now a new 2019 Ford Expedition with which Ford is ready to take on a bigger category in which he could not boast of successes.

2019 Ford Expedition - front

2019 Ford Expedition – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

The first Expedition was a design copy of the F-150 pickup so that the similarities in each graduated generation were all the less. For 2019, it almost does not exist, and it’s interesting that many people notice that the new Expedition now looks more like rivals from GM. This particularly applies to headlights design and brand-new masks.

Ford seems to have been aiming to get away from aggressive lines so this SUV is more elegant than ever before. The mask is fuller and bigger. This tells us that designers have paid much attention to detail. The C-Pub is significantly bigger after this design detail turned out to be very popular on the smaller Explorer.

At the back of the court there were no significant changes, and it is still simple and without more detailed details. This is at the same time the only design part that kept cube lines, although the lights and bumper are larger compared to the predecessor. Basically, although it seems to have borrowed some lines from its competitors, the new 2019 Ford Expedition continues to function as a traditional Ford.


One of the greatest criticisms of the predecessors was precisely the interior, especially in terms of finishing and quality. The biggest reason for this is the fact that the entire interior is borrowed from a cheaper F-150. That’s the past. For the beginning, the buyer will be able to choose between the three levels of civil engineering equipment, XLT, Limited and Platinum.

The new 2019 Ford Expedition, as well as the previous model, offers three rows of seats. For those who want extra space, this is Max extended with an extra 20 centimeters. This time, the engineers paid much attention to the third row of seats and the easy access. The space has enough for the driver and an additional seven passengers although the box between the front seats is one of the largest in the car industry.

This terrain also provides equipment that has been reserved for the most luxurious models in the past. The new model will have a wireless 10-port Internet, wireless charging, six USB ports. Also, a panoramic roof and a choice of 18, 20 and 22 inches wheels. It easily shares a platform with a worker pickup. Ford promises that the new 2019 Ford Expedition will be extremely quiet and comfortable at all speeds. It is connected via Sling TV.

2019 Ford Expedition - interior

2019 Ford Expedition – Modifications in the Engine

In the very beginning, only one engine will be available and 3.5-liter Eco Boost V6. It has been embedded in Expedition since 2015. It has developed 365 hp and 569 Nm of torque in the past. The power for 2019, according to some announcements, should develop about 400 hp and 651 Nm of torque. If these numbers are correct, Expedition is the most powerful company in the history of history. In the past, the new 2019 Expedition was quick and dynamic. Sometime later the offer could be extended with the new V6 diesel from the F-150. The only gearbox as an option is an automatic that will have ten speeds. The rear wheel drive is standard with optional four-wheel drive.

2019 Ford Expedition - side

2019 Ford Expedition – Price and Expected Release Date

The 2019 Ford Expedition will be presented to the audience in the first half of next year. The price of the new Ford Expedition 2019 will be around $ 50,000.

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