2019 Lincoln MKX Changes, Price

The 2019 Lincoln MKX is coming soon. Lincoln was the best-selling premium brand in the US market. The line of vehicles, which included the huge Town Car, the sports LS on the Jaguar platform and the founder of the premium SUV vehicles of the MKS, proved to be a great success among customers. These vehicles offer great comfort, high quality and affordable prices. The Lincolns shared the platform and most of the mechanics with significantly cheaper Ford and Mercury models.

The MKX was initially selling quite well, giving Ford the wings to fully refresh the vehicle line. However, after a while, famous names such as the Continental, Town Car and LS were extinguished, and their replacements were models on Ford’s platforms and front-wheel drive such as Ford Taurus, MKT (Ford Flex) and MKX (Ford Edge). The first images of the 2019 Lincoln MKX model appeared on the Internet.

2019 Lincoln MKX - front

2019 Lincoln MKX – External Body Parts and Inner Cosmetic Changes

Presented in the form of the MKX concept, the production model has an attractive front grille with a new grille and LED headlights. Crossover is equipped with plastic body trims, panoramic glass roof and aggressive rear fenders. Other noticeable features include “wrapped” rear lights, twin tube exhaust system and the Lincoln emblem that moves when the sensor is needed. The company’s plan is to offer even greater luxury compared to current models in order to differ from Ford to a greater extent.


The cabin is characterized by a modern design and a multitude of quality materials. The details are still limited, but there are premium leather trim, wooden trim and metal details. Crossover also has an attractive design instrument board, a central console and an enhanced entertainment system. There is also a new Revel audio system that promises uncompromising acoustics and intuitive technologies.

2019 Lincoln MKX - interior

2019 Lincoln MKX – Modification under the Hood

Throughout its entire history, Lincoln enjoyed the reputation of a large car, with rear-wheel drive and powerful V8 engines. Since the collapse of the Town Car in 2011, Lincoln remained only with front-wheel drive models and V6 engines. All future models of the company will come with standard front-wheel drive and optional all-wheel drive, as well as a long range of atmospheric and Eco Boost (twin-turbo) I4 and V6 petrol engines. Given that the 2019 MKX is based on the Ford Edge, it is most likely to run the 2.7-liter Eco Boost V6 engine that develops more than 300 hp. The drive on the front axle will be standard, with an all-wheel-drive option available.

2019 Lincoln MKX - rear

2019 Lincoln MKX – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

Lincoln’s customers were mostly older people who wanted a quiet and comfortable car and ignored performance. Lincoln wants to break into global markets. At this point, Ford’s premium company is only sold in the United States, Canada and Mexico. It’s a plan to break into the Chinese market as well as eventually break into Europe. The Lincoln MKX 2019 will be shown to the audience next year. The price of the 2019 Lincoln MKX will range from $ 40,000 to $ 60,000.

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