2019 Suzuki Jimny Design, Release Date

Suzuki always knew he was doing an excellent small but robust terrain. The new 2019 Suzuki Jimny as a niche of this tradition in the market in this form for the twenty years that would only be subjected to a mild wrinkle of wrinkles that make it quite attractive to the buyers. The new 2019 Jimny is a car of attractive exterior and sporty spirit and conceals modern technical achievements. Practical and resourceful in city driving is robust and durable at the same time.

2019 Suzuki Jimny - front

2019 Suzuki Jimny – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious Interior Design

Only 365 cm in length, a 225 cm sloping gap and 18.5 cm offshore flooring, the new 2019 Suzuki Jimny will be a long, unchallenged ruler of the terrain. The modest dimensions and mass of 1065 kg have been for years to provide a smooth ride on the most demanding terrain. Since nothing has changed, and this time this model will give you much more. A small but handsome Japanese, with ease will cross the macadam paths, ups and downs …

Intended for crude conditions, though, it did not fascinate us with comfort. And we doubt that someone will buy it for urban make-up. The car body, which was shown in the saloon in Tokyo in 1998, was refitted only with a new mask of a refrigerator. And the engine cover was given an air intake. There is not even a revolution in the interior, where the most novelty is the more resistant seat upholstery.

The basic equipment package of new 2019 Suzuki Jimny includes air conditioning, front fog lights, central lock, remote unlock, MP3 / WMA, radio CD + Bluetooth. Also, USB port, depth-adjustable driver and audio and hands-free controls on it and seven airbags.

2019 Suzuki Jimny - interior

2019 Suzuki Jimny – Engine Specifications

As far as motorization is concerned, it is only a 1.3-liter petrol engine that produces 86 hp. It will  available with a solid 5-speed gearbox (4-speed automatic). Although it is not a newer date, it is well-crafted with field tasks (Jimny’s asphalt works much less modest), and the noisy station is only when the revolutions reach over 4000 / min. And then the fuel consumption is growing. It can be reduced to just under 8 liters on the asphalt, while the field is about 10. The old-fashioned gearbox is even surprising with a short and precise stroke, but the first stage is overly short. Transmission across all wheels is really serious, reliable, and quality. In the hands of a good driver this little jeep can do a lot.

2019 Suzuki Jimny - rear

2019 Suzuki Jimny – Release Date and How Much Will Cost?

To conclude, the new 2019 Suzuki Jimny is a car of attractive exterior and sport spirit. It conceals modern technical achievements. Practical and resourceful in city driving is robust and durable at the same time. Due to its compact dimensions, there are no urban or natural cramps that you will not run through and win out, mumbling the envious of the greater and more powerful.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technical solutions, the Jimny’s four-cylinder aluminum alloy gives the car a dynamic and at the same time economical vehicle. The Suzuki Jimny 2019 will be introduced during the 2018, the initial price of the model will be $ 16,000.

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